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Water and Health Education in Africa Empower African Children SEED Africa — Uganda and East Africa
In developing countries, water-borne diseases cause four-fifths of all illnesses. Diarrhoea is the leading cause of death among children. SEED Hope is supporting an educational initiative to provide water, sanitation and hygiene education to school children in countries across Africa.

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Uganda is home to 2.4 million children orphaned by AIDs, civil war, and other realities of life in East Africa. SEED Hope is supporting eight-year-old Mackenzie Whitehead-Bust's efforts to inspire $1 million in donations to a Ugandan orphanage and education program.

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SEED Hope is kicking off our first regional initiative with an exploratory visit to East Africa during February and early March 2008. We are strengthening existing relationships and developing new ones to catalyze future projects. Click here for an update from Uganda.

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About SEED Hope

SEED Hope provides early-stage funding, technical assistance, networking, and other support for projects in the areas of:

• Education;

• Entrepreneurial support;

• Community economic development; and

• Appropriate technology.

In our travels, SEED Hope’s founders routinely connect with beautiful people who have beautiful ideas and dreams that they often lack the resources to enact. Through SEED Hope, we focus our capacities and skills—as business and organizational consultants, educators, writers, fundraisers, and networkers—in places around the world where they are sorely needed.
Many companies benefit from “seed funding,” investment that comes in the company’s very early days and helps develop an idea into a new product or service. In their early stages, when support is critical to launch new projects and initiatives, community projects, nonprofit groups, and social ventures often lack similar care and feeding. SEED Hope helps fill those gaps, and offers organizational, technical, networking and fundraising support to help leverage resources and relationships into forward momentum for whole communities. `

About the New SEED Hope Africa Initiatives

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education

SEED Hope is supporting the participation of one of its founding organizations in a USAID-sponsored curriculum development project. The initial phase of this project will develop educational materials on water, sanitation, and hygiene, delivering over 800,000 publications to students and teachers in some 1,000 schools in countries across sub-Saharan Africa. Later phases will focus on educator training and developing broader water education materials. Click here to read a brief progress report from the project's water education curriculum development workshop and school visits in Uganda.

SEED Africa

SEED Hope is kicking off our first regional initiative with an exploratory visit to East Africa in February 2008. We will strengthen existing relationships and develop new ones to catalyze future projects in Africa. In addition to broader explorations, we are looking for partners to help pilot a youth entrepreneurship program, artisans or cooperatives to connect with a U.S.-based marketing and sales firm, and prospects for developing an international network of artists. Click here to read a brief progress report from this exploratory trip.

Empower African Children

When she was seven, Mackenzie Whitehead-Bust started raising money for Empower African Children, an organization serving AIDS orphans in Uganda. Now eight, Mackenzie has raised over $1,100 selling snacks with her four-year-old sister, Parker, and organizing neighborhood garage sales. Her new goal is to inspire $1 million in donations to this effort by the time she goes to college. SEED Hope is helping her with this expanded vision, and will be providing Mackenzie with images and stories from Ugandan and Tanzanian schools and orphanages that will help her educate herself and potential donors about what life is like for typical East African children and orphans, and the services, support, and hope that Empower African Children offers.

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