About SEED Hope

SEED Hope was created from the confluence of the interests, experience, and vision of four founders—all educators, organizational consultants, and travelers.

Our commitments converge around whole community development through the vehicles of education, environmental and cultural respect, community economic development, social enterprise, and appropriate technology.

As travelers, we often connect with people and communities who lack the resources to enact their ideas and dreams. Through SEED Hope, we focus our capacity and skills—as business and organizational consultants, educators, writers, fundraisers, networkers, and innovators—to help leverage these ideas into reality in places where the kinds of assistance needed to organize, initiate, and see a project through are scarce. We and our networks can help deliver this assistance.

How We Work

Many companies benefit from “seed funding,” investment that comes in the company’s very early days and helps develop an idea into a new product or service. The conundrum for many community projects, nonprofit groups, and social ventures is that in their early stages, this sorely needed support is often difficult to obtain. SEED Hope helps fill those gaps.

We also offer organizational, technical, networking and fundraising support, as well as innovative business models and organizational and community processes. Our goal? To help leverage resources and relationships into forward momentum for whole communities.

SEED Hope covers the exploratory and connecting and early phases of projects until appropriate longer-term funding sources and support can be developed. As the fund matures, it will move into more comprehensive funding for some projects.

Our Approach

SEED Hope provides flexible and nimble early-stage support for efforts that promote long-term solutions to long-standing community problems. Our focus is on creating capacity for locally generated, self-governed initiatives that foster education, appropriate technology, and economic and entrepreneurial development.

SEED Hope supports ideas and initiatives in two categories:

1) Meeting basic human needs; and

2) Empowering people to strengthen their families and communities through assistance in the development of practical, on-the-ground economic development projects. Through the application of community economic development models and initiatives, our focus is on helping create a sustainable upward spiral for entire communities.

SEED Hope operates in partnership with a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, and donations are tax-deductible.

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